What is Family Nation?

As parents we make new lives, embark on new adventures, and make important choices. We have created Family Nation as a guide for parents like us who appreciate both style and substance – who find that having a child opens more doors in their lives.

We provide a hand-picked range of goods to help families live well and look good as individuals and as a unit. Family Nation serves as a global reference point for contemporary parenting – a place where new and renewed lives are nurtured and cherished.

In Family Nation we have brought together a curated collection of the best baby and maternity brands and designers from across the globe. We aim to help families and parents choose for themselves and their children goods and clothing that are beautiful, functional and innovative - which help us appreciate the joyful chaos of family life!

Our work has taken us to the four corners of the world, first on our own, and then with our two children. The richness of what we learned from families from so many different countries and cultures led us to try to capture some of this global kaleidoscope in a online boutique that is beautiful and easy to use, with advice, tips and practical guides.

We have selected brands and products that we love based on Family Nation's criteria of quality, beautiful design, ability to make us or our children feel good – and environmentally friendly and fair trade.

We hope that Family Nation will contribute to making your life and that of your family easier, beautiful and enjoyable.

About us

Emilia and Aidan met each other in Kabul, Afghanistan working for the United Nations and the Afghan Government. After having traveled, worked and lived in more than 60 countries between them, decided to set up home in Florence - Emilia's home city. Since September 2011 they have lived here with their two children (Flavia and Tancredi) in the Tuscan hillside, from where they manage Family Nation.  

Emilia has worked in Asia with the United Nations in the sector of human rights and justice for the last 10 years. While she was on maternity leave in Bangkok, Emilia's keen interest and knowledge of maternity and baby products grew, living alongside families from different cultures and nationalities.

With Familly Nation, one of Emilia's dreams has come true: marrying her passion for beautiful things with her conviction that what is beautiful can also be good and fair.

Aidan has worked for more than 15 years in international development, ten of which with the United Nations. He has experience of managing large and complex projects, and international websites aimed at making sure that aid goes to the people that needed it most.

In September 2011 he moved to Florence with Emilia and their two children, where he has channeled his experience and enthusiasm into the creation of Family Nation.

He is a loving and active father, and proud to be so.

Traveling the world for the very best products for Family Nation!

We had so much fun making this with our kids - Flavia (who was then 7 years old) and Tancredi (aged 5). It was the first time for them and for us, and we hope you enjoy our round-the-world adventure!



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Contact us

You can reach us by email at info@family-nation.com or by calling:

+44 207 19 333 86 (UK)

+39 055 490 545 (Italy)

+33 970 467 667 (France)

You can also chat with us by clicking on the Chat bubble on the bottom right of each page.