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Grapat born from a small Spanish family who left the city to live in a natural environment. However, the daughter has almost had no toys! Inspired to see her and other children playing, her parents considered the idea to create their own toys! In this process was so important to consider that game has something sacred, like a parallel world, governed by its own rules and times. The game is the moment of the YES, where EVERYTHING IS OK, except the established rules that normally have to do with not hurting oneself, others and the environment! Grapat proposes a material without instructions, the only premise is to let do, without time, slowly. A material that incites, invites, causes the creation of diverse worlds, fantastic, realistic or invented. A material that is environmentally-friendly, coming from sustainable forests! Working at home, with earth, fire and river around, and many children always close, Grapat is so happy to introduces its own wonderful, safe and hand-made toys!