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A Little Lovely Company was founded in 2014 by the passion of Judith de Ruijter and Nikki Hateley (mothers of 7 children in total) for home and decor. Their idea comes from the desire to transform the house and the normal decorations for children into unique objects, with a personal and creative touch. Each product is born to entertain and make people smile, creating an aura of happiness all around that is transmitted to anyone who comes in contact. From this philosophy comes a unique brand that is committed to designing and producing fun and accessible objects - with WOW effect! - making everyday life a little more beautiful and carefree. From the lights to the bathing games, through the dining-set, A Little Lovely Company manages to put in every product tenderness and joy, in a unique and unmistakable union, suitable for every child and, why not, even for the adults with a tender heart !

A Little Lovely Company