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OUTLET - Convertible Montessori Learning Tower Step'n'Sit, Natural with Golden Clasp Locks - Showroom Sample
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****Outlet from our Family Nation showroom - New, it has just slightly damaged packaging****

A chair? A table? A stool? A stair? More: Step'n'Sit Convertible Montessorian Learning Tower by Ette Tete is an innovative furnishing item that will change your child's daily activities... and yours, making life easier and happier! It's a wooden learning tower with a safety bar inspired by Maria Montessori's pedagogy: it's designed to develop little children's independence and involvement in the family daily tasks . With this helper tower kids as young as one years old can reach someplace high, wash the hands on their own or help mum and dad while cooking, all in complete safety!
And the tower can easily be transformed into a table and a chair, perfect for enjoying meals, drawing, reading a book, playing board games... It's an evolutive product that grows with your child: it can be used starting at 12 months and then for many years! Made with quality wood treated with non-toxic, water-based paints and varnishes, Ette Tete Montessori Learning Tower is aesthetically beautiful, 100% safe, modern and sustainable.

Why we like it:

  • Modern design inspired by Montessori pedagogy: children are encouraged to be independent and to be involved in the family daily tasks
  • Multipurpose product: step stool, chair, table...
  • 100% safe: children no longer need to stand up on a chair to reach a high surface.
  • Natural eco-friendly materials
  • Ette Tete is a Latvian company that designs functional and sustainable kids furnishing items inspired by Montessori and Pikler pedagogy. With these products your child becomes your helper, not your burden.
  • Wood colour: natural
  • Clasp locks colour: gold
  • Age:can be used when the child is able to stand up and move without help (from 12-18 months)
  • Materials: 15 mm birch plywood, water-based paint or varnish
  • Dimensioni: 42cm lenght, 40cm width, 90cm height; platform 28 x 40cm, 45cm height
  • Inspired by Maria Montessori's pedagogy: supports children's natural curiosity and desire to learn while making them feel completely safe
  • Evolutive product that grows with the child
  • Complies with European safety standard
  • Easy to assemble
  • Warning: before use make sure there are no dangerous items the child can reach using the tower. Do not leave the child alone, adult supervision is always necessary.

brand info Ette Tete

You think your kid should be a helper, not a burden? Ette Tete founders Linda & Krišjānis thought the same and for this reason they designed fab kids furniture to support child's development and freedom of movement. Inspired by Maria Montessori and Emmi Pikler pedagogy, Ette Tete helper towers, modifiable triangles and highchairs enhance motor skills, problem-solving and engagement with the world around: sturdy products that will make your child feel safe to explore and do things without help. Made to last long, the wonderful Ette Tete furniture items are functional, sustainable, multipurpose and easy to use.

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