Mobile of 6 Christmas Trees - moves by itself!
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€ 24.90
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A fascinating mobile for the Festive Season to bring colour and peacefulness into the bedroom of your little.  In fact this clever combination of 6 Christmas trees will make a lovely decoration in any part of the house.  Ready to put up, this mobile, like all Flensted products, is a work of art, and this one forms the pattern of a classic Christmas tree with six smaller trees, plus hearts and stars. Once set in motion it moves by itself, all the elements constantly in harmony.  This will stimulate a baby’s vision, but also help to promote a restful environment, as the tree moves gently in perfect calibration, without any apparent movement of air.  In traditional Xmas colours, made out of sturdy cardboard – something very special that the whole family will enjoy!


Every mobile is assembled by hand by dedicated skilled artisans who work directly from home. This production method protects the environment by saving over 10 tons of fuel a year

  • Theme: 6 Christmas Trees, 3 Hearts, 6 Stars
  • Colours:Green, Red, Yellow
  • Material: Cardboard
  • Dimensions: 42 x 34 cm
  • Design: Flensted is a well-known Danish firm created by Christian and Grethe Flensted in l953

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