150 m Bottle with Calma Teat - Developed to avoid nipple confusion
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Introducing the Swiss-made Calma by Medela: the only breastfeeding system on the market that reproduces baby’s natural feeding behaviour to prevent nipple confusion! Calma was developed using evidence-based research in collaboration with the University of Western Australia to prevent babies from losing their natural sucking behaviour while using a bottle, allowing mothers to alternate seamlessly between natural breastfeeding  and using a bottle to administer breast milk. The teat is one size only and allows baby to control the milk flow, just like nature! Perfect for mothers who cannot always breastfeed directly who still want to feed their child breast milk without nipple confusion.


Why we like it:

  • Made in Switzerland!
  • Medela is committed to helping women breastfeed as long as possible, providing a wide variety of  tools and information, so moms can choose the methods and products that suit them best
  • Practical and comfortable: Calma helps moms use bottles occasionally without creating nipple confusion, thus prolonging the special bond that breast feeding creates
  • Winner of the prestigious Kind and Jugend Innovation Award in 2011. Calma is the only teat that allows baby to feed, take a break and breath following a natural rhythm while creating using the tongue and law to create an individual suction, reinforcing natural behaviours
  • Safety and health benefits: babies use the same muscles to extract milk from Calma as they do from your body, reducing the risk of ear infections, jaw malformation, tooth spacing, speech impediments and nipple confusion
  • Ideal for working mothers that want to maintain the breastfeeding bond
  • Each set contains: 1 150ml bottle + 1 Calma teet
  • Material: bottle in shatter-resistant, BPA-free polypropylene, teat in soft, food-safe, silicone
  • Calma is one size only for the entire breastfeeding period, just like your body, and allows baby to control the flow of milk
  • Easy-to-clean and assemble
  • Helps maintain the breastfeeding bond for longer

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