Soft Toy with Night Light and Pink Noises - Sand - GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified
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From the world made of warmth and safety by Moonie, the humming bear is a great little friend for sweet colored dreams of relax and cuddling. It is a multi-sensory soft toy to fall asleep in peace, thanks to its built-in LED light and the reproduction of low-frequency sounds, to make the sleeping phase relaxing. With pink noise, the acoustic power of the high frequencies - in fact - decreases, keeping them at a safe level and guaranteeing maximum comfort for your child. You can decide whether to accompany your child to sleep with one of the soothing sounds or turn on the built-in USB rechargeable LED light. The Smart Cry detector is also a sensor which, in the event of restless sleep, is activated by reproducing relaxing sounds that will give your baby new colorful dreams. On your little one's side and on the planet's side: Moonie soft toys are in fact made with full respect for the environment, with Oeko-tex certification for the materials and GOTS for the organic cotton used, the result of a production with 50% less of water usage! Choosing Moonie is a gesture of love for your child and the Planet!

Product features:

  • Humming bear with night light (LED) and pink noises
  • Color: Sand
  • Composition: External - GOTS organic cotton; Padding - recycled materials
  • GOTS certified organic cotton, GMO-free: international certification for the origin of organic cotton and sustainable trade
  • The materials are Oeko-tex certified: it guarantees the safety of the product and the complete absence of harmful chemical substances in the yarns and colors used
  • Size: 28 x 16 x 10cm
  • Plays a gentle lullaby and 5 low frequency pink noise sounds: womb, wind, forest stream, sea waves, rain
  • Pink noise decreases the acoustic power of the high frequencies, ensuring better comfort for your baby
  • For a calm and peaceful sleep
  • Adjustable volume module
  • LED lamp with 7 different colors
  • Smart Cry detector: In case of restless sleep, activate a safe pink noise to calm your baby
  • It deactivates after 30 minutes
  • Stand-by mode 3h
  • Integrated USB for battery recharging (3h recharging time; 8h autonomy time)
  • Non-toxic colors
  • Attention to detail
  • Dedicated to your baby from the first day of life
  • Organic cotton production uses 50% less water than industrial production
  • All products are tested by SGS Switzerland Test
  • Compliant with directive 2009/48/CE
  • Made in Poland

Why we like it:

  • Moonie is a Polish brand that makes multi-sensory soft toys, with an entirely local heart and workforce.
  • The Moonie humming toy is a little friend for your baby, created with a lot of attention to detail and that you can give him from the first day of birth. With its light and the soothing sounds it can play, it will give your baby sweet dreams and peaceful nights.
  • The fabrics of the Moonie soft toys are Oeko-Tex certified and made with GOTS certified organic cotton, GMO-free, with fillings from recycled materials. A wonderful product that is safe to leave in your baby's hand and safe for the planet.

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