Farmyard Headsand Tails Game - A fun first matching activity that develops into a game as children grow in confidence and ability!

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This colorful “Farmyard Headsand Tails Gamecan” game can be played either as a matching game for a single player or as a group memory game. Smaller players can start by turning all the tiles of the farm with the image facing up and trying to match the parts of the head and tail to the corresponding animal. For a more advanced game mode you can turn the cards with the image facing down and play as a memory game. With twelve cute farm characters and matching items, “Farmyard Headsand Tails Gamecan” game encourages observation and memory skills and at the same time introduces very young children to the concept of turn-based play! The kids will love it!

Product features:

  • “Farmyard Headsand Tails Gamecan” game
  • Age: +18 months
  • Number of player: 1-4
  • Includes: 24 chunky cards (12 pairs), 1 instruction leaflet


Why we like it:

  • For over 50 years Orchard Toys has been shipping to over 50 countries and is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of educational games and puzzles in both the UK and the world.
  • They make products of excellent quality, able to resist the wear of the hands of children and to be passed down to children and grandchildren!
  • All their games have many educational benefits: they promote the ability to observe and social interaction, stimulate the imagination and develop memory.
  • Their philosophy is "learning while having fun", which is why each product satisfies the perfect balance between education and fun for the little ones.

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