Silverette Nursing Cups - Soothing Sore Breasts or Cracked Nipples with Silver
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These easy-to-use Nursing Cups made in Italy by Silverette are mini-cups made out of silver by actual silversmiths - to cure or prevent cuts and irritation on the breasts. Designed to be worn under a bra, they are completely hygienic and extremely effective, as silver is a natural and traditional anti-inflammatory remedy; it has a soothing effect and powerful anti-bacterial qualities. With Silverette the results are often immediate - irritation and cuts are typically cured or improved within 24/48 hours. Essential for anyone who is having problems with painful nipples or as a precautionary measure, we like these nursing cups because they have allowed so many new mothers to continue nursing. It is no wonder that Silverette cups have been such a resounding success with new Mums, doctors, lactation consultants, and obstetricians.

  • Material: Silver 925
  • Dimensions: Cuplets 5 cm in diameter
  • Each package contains 2 Silverette cuplets in silver
  • No creams or lotions needed, and so no chemicals transferred to the baby from breastfeeding
  • Silverette are used by many as a preventive measure to avoid cuts, cracks or irritations from occurring in the first place.
  • Silverette are eco-friendly - they can safely be passed on to family or friends
  • Silverettes are easily cleaned with sodium bicarbonate powder and water
  • Made in Italy

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