Wobbel Original Wooden Balance Board, Transparent Lacquer - Fun and exercise for kids and adults

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What is Wobbel, the wooden board that moves young and old? A balance board, a swing, a bridge, a lounge chair, fitness equipment, a puppet, or the back of an elephant? It's all these things and more! Wobbel is an innovative wooden balancing board with a beautiful, undefined curve shape that makes it suitable for children, adults and even elderly people. It works like a magnet on children not only for exuberant and funny games that they can play alone or with their friends, but also for quiet moments and relax: kids will use it as a toy, as a cozy sofa to rest or read, as a step in the kitchen to wash their hands... the possibilies are endless and children instinctively continue to see more and more opportunities and have fun discovering new ways of using Wobbel. Adults can use it to get fit, to stretch their back, to practice yoga, to train balance and to have fun with their kids. Made with quality materials and with a modern design, this is a beautiful product that you don't need to put away when the game is over!

Why we like it:

  • Challenges to move and play at home
  • Supports physical awareness and balance in a playful way and enhances children's creativity
  • A beautiful product, looks great in any room
  • It's very durable, grows with the kid and can be passed on to other kids
  • You can play along with your child and get fit
  • Designed for indoor use, but can be used outside with sufficient care
  • Sustainable product, great for people and the environment: made with FSC certified wood from sustainable forests in an efficient plant with no gas usage. Raw materials and waste are reduced to a minimum. The residue timber is used for heating of the premises and the press dies.
  • Age: from 0 to 100 years
  • Dimensions: ca. 90 x 30 cm
  • Weight: ca. 4,5 kg
  • Use weight: up to 200 Kg
  • Materials: sustainably harvested European beech wood (FSC) which is pressed and finished with water based lacquers and stains.The FSC wood for the Wobbel is sustainably harvested within a radius of 300 km around the factory
  • Child friendly finish
  • Standard Wobbel (no felt): use a mat, carpet or rug.
  • Water based translucent lacquer
  • Care: clean the with a damp cloth, combined with a mild detergent if necessary. Wipe it with a dry cloth after cleaning.
  • Certifications: CE certified for children of 0 months and older. Tested and certified for ASTM F963-16 and AS/NZS 8124-1:2016 | AS/NZS 8124-2:2016 | AS/NZS 8124-3:2012+A1:2016. It was also voluntarily tested until breaking point. 
  • Safety: always use a Wobbel on a flat and level surface: using the Wobbel on a sloped and/or rough surface could result in the Wobbel tipping over and causing injuries. Do not stand or sit on the sides.
  • Designed for indoor use. Outdoor play is possible, but the board will wear out sooner

brand info Wobbel

Wobble is the wooden toy that moves young and old, an intriguing curve that tempts mind, body and soul. Created by Wouter Haine and Hannelore Blaauw, two busy professionals with a creative mind, this wooden balancing board finds its origin in the Waldorf schools but has been reinvented with a modern design, different editions and fantastic colours! Can be used for fun, physical training, and relax by kids, adults and even the elderly! A board full of authenticity, passion, and a lot of humor.

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