Remmy Double Car Baby Alert, Signals the Child is in the Car - Start&Stop Version for Cars with 2 Car Seats
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Sfoglia e scarica la Circolare per i Dispositivi Antiabbandono: QUI

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Vi consigliamo di stampare la conferma d'ordine come prova di aver acquistato il dispositivo ed esserne in attesa. La prova di acquisto non  ha valore legale, ma può dare indicazione di aver fatto il possibile data la difficoltà oggettiva di reperire i dispositivi in questo monento.


Remmy or Car Baby Alert, made by the Italian company Remmy srl, will help you never forget a baby in the car! Used in any car seat, in fact, monitors the child's presence and safety, signaling it with an acustic and visual effect.

It is an essential item in every parent's busy life. A simple, unique and universal product with this double function. The Alert Function monitors the presence of your child, warning you if he/she moves from the seat or unbulckles belt; the Reminder Function signlas that the baby is still on board, activating as soon as you turn off the car.  

Easy to activate, just insert the device into the cigarette lighter, place the sensor under the lining of the baby car seat and strecth out the cable under the seat and mats. It uses two different led colours, blue and green and beeps of different duration and types according to the kind of event. Lights and sounds that are the perfect signal to advice you are not alone!

Always active, universal and economic, to spread the value of our baby's safety in the car!


Why we like it:

  • Remmy is an additional protection that facilitates your every car trip. Thanks to Remmy is now easier concentrate on driving 
  • The black out is a state of dissociation that causes us to forget vital action, for example, a child in the car for hours. We can prevent it with devices that help us to remeber the presence of the child in the car
  • Every child has the right to know he is travelling safely and every parent has the right to know he did everything possible for the child's protection


  • Remmy - Car baby alert
  • Start&Stop version for cars equipped with automatic Start&Stop
  • Remmy double for cars with 2 car seats
  • It makes a sound check at startup to verify the proper installation and operation
  • It makes a sound at the turning off if the little one is still in the car
  • Alert Function: indicates whether the child unbulckles his belt
  • Reminder Function: advises that the child is still in the car
  • Easy to activate, in a few simple steps and it is always active
  • Universal: compatible with every kind of car seat or car
  • Acustic and visual effect: a beep and two leds. The blue one to verify the child and the green one to verify voltage
  • Equipped with a silencer
  • Equipped with additional plug
  • Affordable to promote and spread the value of safety of children in the cars
  • Designed and made in Italy tested by Quattroruote and to certify its high reliability during car trips

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