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Colourful, eco-friendly, ultra comfortable and safe for your baby, Bibs pacifiers are the perfect choice for conscious shopping parents. Bibs is a Danish brand on the market for over 30 years... and with great success! The reasons for this lasting international success are easy to explain. Bibs pacifiers are carefully studied to prevent the inconvenience caused by traditional pacifiers. Their shape (both shield and nipple) reproduce a mother's breast and therefore better support the natural breastfeeding for your child and is designed to reduce skin irritation as it is turning away from the child's skin around the mouth. The materials used are 100% BPA, PVC and phthalates free, safe for your baby! No compromise with style: Bibs pacifiers are available in a range of amazing colours with a contemporary appeal. Trust the opinion of the most demanding testers: babies. They have been approving Bibs products with a radiant smile for over 30 years.