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Danish mother-of-three Fie Aspöck Jonsen, owner of GoBabyGo, has always focused on the importance of good motor skills for the normal development of babies and created the GoBabyGo range so that your child gets off to a good start being given the best conditions to crawl and discover the world. This brand’s tights, kneepads and non-slip socks feature rubber on the knees, under the feet and on the toes to prevent the baby from slipping, and making him more mobile and confident. Designed in Denmark, the GoBabyGo is made of soft stretch cotton, a warm and durable fabric that ensures maximum comfort to the baby and is 100% free from harmful materials. With these garments on, your baby will happily and safely crawl and walk on all kind of surfaces and will be protected at all times while getting to know the world and fully developing his body’s potential! All without ever compromising in style: these items are as beautiful as they are cleverly designed! Everyone ready to take off?

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