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Loullou is a Danish brand set up by Lærke Rune who creates beautiful toys to develop baby's fantasy. The name Loullou is the first spoken word of his daughter Karla, who called in this way the most precious thing she had: a scarf. Since then, word Loullou became a fantastic brand, a universe to unfold children's creativity and imagination. The wide selection of products includes activity toys, baby gyms, doll houses and much more. All made using only organic and sustainable materials. That's why all wood used is FSC-certified. Beside all the production line is easy to assemble withouth using adhesives.

With their natural colours and materials, Loullou toys are designed to help children in all stages of growth and development. The Loullou universe believes that children's development is linked to natural and free imagination, and, for this reason, products are not just appealing, but even creative to open our little ones' minds.