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Created by mum, art historian, designer and photographer Lisa Furuland, Sleepyhead is a Swedish brand bringing a revolution on our homes, because every child needs and deserves to be surrounded in a comfortable and snug environment every day of their lives. The idea is simple yet genius: Sleepyhead is the next best thing to the womb. A lovely pod with bumpers and clasps in which babies can rest, play, and lounge in total comfort and safety. Lightweight and simple to travel with, Sleepyhead comes in two sizes, for newborns and toddlers. It is hygienic and hypoallergenic while also ensuring maximum breathability and air-permeability. Its protective sides make it also perfect for safe co-sleeping and to make an easy transition from crib to bed. Top ratings for safety, the best raw materials, and beautifully patterned covers do the rest! Sleepyhead is made in Europe and is here to conquer your hearts!